Discover a culinary delight with our Pumpkin Honey-Ginger Baked Wings! Immerse your taste buds in a symphony of flavors, where pumpkin, honey, and ginger come together for a uniquely satisfying experience. Elevate your dining with our irresistibly baked wings.

pumpkin honey-ginger baked wings

Truth: Girls only want one Cheeto.

I would have to agree with my brother Jordan. I reached for his open, lunch-sized package of Cheetos with the sole purpose of grabbing a single Cheeto. He rolled his eyes and asked if I wanted any more. I immediately replied, “Yeah, right. I only need the one, bro.”

However, this got me thinking. Why not take more than one? It’s not like I am a Cheeto hoarder or crave Cheetos every day. Although, I am a sucker for Cheetos dipped in ketchup! Yep, I like to whiskey tengo it up and dip my Cheeto into some old-fashioned ketchup. I swear it tastes like a shrimp cocktail. That didn’t help did it?

Okay, but really, why only take one Cheeto? Lord knows I couldn’t eat just one tortilla chip or Cool Ranch Dorito. Come on, you know you like the Cool Ranch flavor! Maybe the Cheeto and its yellow 6 coloring has something to do with it? I dunno. Eff. I am rambling. The point is, sometimes a girl needs just one Cheeto end of the story. Like, just one fry off the hubs the plate. It’s the natural balancing of the universe.

This leads us to today’s recipe that has nothing to do with Cheetos. Shoot. Although, I am guilty of eating just one wing. I need to create new habits. These wings are my new fav when it comes to game day and holiday eating. I feel wings get a bad wrap because they are generally deep-fried. and hard to eat. I say nay.

This version of East meets West is totes better than the wings at Buffalo Wild. Scouts Honor. The sauce is spicy with a splash of Thanksgiving flare with the addition of pumpkin. Plus, they are baked not fried. What more could a girl want?

Wait. Just one more wing.

In conclusion, our Pumpkin Honey-Ginger Baked Wings offer a symphony of flavors—sweet, spicy, and perfectly baked. Elevate your taste experience with this delightful culinary creation.