Experience culinary delight with our Green Bean Casserole Patty Melt. A fusion of classic comfort and savory innovation, each bite offers a symphony of flavors for a truly gratifying experience.

green bean casserole patty melt  www.climbinggriermountain.com

We are almost a month away.

So, this is just a tease.

Speaking into a megaphone: “I REPEAT. This is just a tease for Thanksgiving.”

You see, my favorite holiday is Halloween. Has been since I was little girl thanks to my mama. I’ll get into more the of the ghoulish holiday next week because 1) duh, it’s Halloween and 2) I’m am off the bobbing for apples chain excited about the recipe I am going to share with you.

So. . .today’s recipe is just a little tickler to you EXCITED for Thanksgiving (YAY!!!!!!). Shhhhhhhh….keep it down. I don’t want to hurt the goblins and witches feelers.

green bean casserole patty melt

The green bean casserole needs no introduction. It’s one of the great iconic American dishes we all make over the turkey-sweat holiday. Cream of mushroom soup, green beans, some other random ingredients, and of course, topped with epic fried onions. Crazy to think this dish is almost 60 years old!

Well, if you think the green bean casserole is the ultimate comfort food, wait until you have it as a melt! I thought of this sammie on the flight home from Cleveland after we ate at Melt. I had visions of smash-ups dancing in my head. One delicious thought led to another and, BOOM. Green bean casserole patty melt was born.

green bean casserole patty melt

The secret is the mixture of ground beef and cream of mushroom. I’m telling you these two were made for each other. Top the melt with green beans, provolone, and fried onions, you’ll be THANKSGIVING, Whut?

green bean casserole patty melt www.climbinggriermountain.com

In conclusion, our Green Bean Casserole Patty Melt brings a perfect blend of classic and contemporary flavors, creating a memorable and satisfying culinary experience. Elevate your taste journey with this delectable and comforting treat.