“Celebrate the season with our festive creation, Holiday Tater Tots with Peppermint Icing. A merry twist on a classic favorite, each bite brings joy and flavors that capture the holiday spirit.”

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Well folks, here we are.

T-minus one week until the big guy in a red suit drops down a bazillion chimneys and delivers presents to all the good boys and girls. Just a thought, but do you think Santa has ever thought about a joint partnership with Amazon? Could you imagine the speediness of Amazon Christmas Prime? OMG. I don’t know, it could give the drone business a run for their money.

Anyways, this is the first year in a looooooong time that I have zero Christmas shopping complete. These past couple of weeks have been so bonkers that it’s actually been hard to get in the Christmas spirit. Clearly this is a sign that I need to slow down and eat some frosted Christmas cookies.

So, instead of being “Downie Scrooge” about Christmas this year, I am going to put my holiday magic into overdrive and make the best of these last seven days. Hey, better late then never, right? The one sure thing I could count on to get my Christmas engines fired up were some tater tots. But not just any tater tots, these are covered in holiday, chocolate peppermint magic.

I realize these tater tots might be a stretch, but think of it as a savory-sweet epic combination. What if Santa would like a little fried golden cube covered in decadent peppermint icing? Don’t tell anyone I told you, but word on the street, he’s handing out double the presents for anyone who leaves him tots.

Now if only I could find a chimney-sweep to clean our chimney!

“Wrap up your festivities with the delight of Holiday Tater Tots featuring peppermint icing. It’s a seasonal sensation that adds a touch of joy to your holiday snacking experience.”