“Embark on a delightful morning with Peanut Butter & Jelly Porridge, featuring chunky granola. Elevate your breakfast experience with this ultimate comfort meal—a wholesome fusion of flavors that promises satisfaction in every spoonful of peanut butter and jelly porridge with chunky granola.”

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The word porridge is rather funny.

When I imagine someone sitting down to eat a bowl full of porridge a large, full-bearded Viking man comes to mind. Or Oliver in “Oliver Twist” lifting his wooden bowl up and saying, “Please, sir….I want some.”

Porridge has been around forever. I’m pretty sure it was the go-to meal for most folks because all you had to do was heat some milk in a pot, add oats, and whip! Whip it good. It wasn’t until the sexy oatmeal smoothie craze that people thought porridge was a legit breakfast.

Porridge is actually a great way to get  healthy protein in the morning. And! It’s the perfect breakfast when it’s freaking freezing outside, Mr. Bigglesworth. I will admit that I do enjoy my oat smoothies in the morning, but there’s something sad about eating a cold breakfast. Am I right? So, after eating our standard blueberry oat smoothie when it was -7 outside, Mr. B asked, “can we get a hot version of this?”

Even though porridge isn’t a go-to these days, I am rather surprised because there are  approximately 1, 563 options for toppings, yo. Granola, agave, chia seeds, peanut butter, and jelly! Oh, yes, PB&J is no longer for your sandwich friends. That is so 1996. So if you want to warm up your breakfast routine this winter I highly encourage you make porridge.

Beard not required to consume.

“Conclude your breakfast journey with the rich satisfaction of Peanut Butter & Jelly Porridge featuring chunky granola. A delicious start to your day that promises warmth and flavor in every bite.”