“Elevate your Thanksgiving feast with our mouthwatering Thanksgiving Skillet Spanakopita. This delightful twist on tradition brings a fusion of flavors to your table for a truly memorable celebration.”

individual thanksgiving skillet spanakopita www.climbinggriermountain.com

Do you still surprise yourself?

I like to think I do.

The other weekend, I was working in the garage (read: standing around, mentally organizing our garage thinking about the effing 26 boxes of Christmas decorations I need to find, while checking Instagram and Pinterest every five seconds). I was also trying to help Mr.B work on the Adirondack chairs. Yes, it’s November, but hey, I feel as though we are getting a head start on the summer of 2015. #goteamgrier

Anyways, we were measuring lengths to make correct board cuts. Mr.B stood on one end of the board and I the other. I dragged the measuring tape to the edge, 48 inches, as we discussed earlier. Easy enough.


Then, “Babe, can you measure out 48 inches and 3/4”, asked Mr.B. I immediately froze. That wasn’t part of the plan. What the eff is 3/4? I fell asleep that day in math class!! I started to hyperventilate because I knew in the next 2.56798 seconds I would reveal to my engineer husband that I couldn’t measure. Gulp.

But! Somewhere between almost peeing my pants and falling over into a table saw, I dug deep into my long term memory and remembered building a bookcase with my dad as a kid. I remember my dad measuring out inches, quarters, centimeters and thinking this will be of no use to me in the future! Well, thank goodness for a photographic memory because I breathed deep, held my pee, and marked 48 inches and 3/4 on the effing board. It was the one of the more memorable moments of my math life.


Anywho, what does this have to do with spanakopita, not a darn tooting thing. Other than, I did surprise myself with the fact that phyllo is that crazy hard to work with. In this dish, I wrangled up all the Thanksgiving suspects, tossed them into a skillet, topped with buttery crumpled phyllo sheets and baked it into a golden bliss.

So, how have you surprised yourself lately?

individual thanksgiving skillet spanakopita www.climbinggriermountain.com

In conclusion, Thanksgiving Skillet Spanakopita offers a unique and delicious twist to your holiday feast. With its savory fusion of flavors cooked in a single skillet, it’s the perfect centerpiece to elevate your Thanksgiving celebration. Enjoy the warmth of tradition and the excitement of culinary innovation in every bite. Cheers to a memorable and flavorful holiday season!