Kimchi Pork Enchiladas with Queso Fresco

I’m about to kimchi this Wednesday.

And when I say kimchi, I am not referring to a particular fight scene in a Jackie Chan movie. Which is strange because I actually watched Rush Hour randomly the other day. Remember Chris Tucker? Is he alive still? I swear he was all over the Hollywood movie scene back in the late 90’s and then, poof! Vanished. No more, “do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?”

I digress.


Even though kimchi sounds like you will karate chop the next fool who crosses your path, it’s actually a mixture of a variety of different veggies, from cucumbers to radishes to the most famous, Napa cabbage. The veggies are then fermented in jars underground for months at a time. While we were in Tokyo, I think I ate my weight in kimchi. It’s sooooooo good.

Kimchi Pork Enchiladas with Queso Fresco

Since I am HANGRY this morning, I thought we would stick to the lovely convenience of Whole Foods and purchase a bottle of kimchi. Side note: I didn’t actually read the bottle before opening and wouldn’t you know it, I opened that fermented bottle and kimchi went flying all over my kitchen. Gersh Nabbit. So, before you open any bottle of kimchi, open it slightly to let the air out. K?

Anyways, once you’ve safely opened the bottle of kimchi, add it to this simple enchilada mixture. I know it sounds weird….even Mr. B gave me the stink-eye. But trust me, it works. The kimchi gives the enchiladas a little zing with the spice and crunch. Hey, I could have stuffed the enchiladas with ramen, but that just seemed wrong. Or is it?

Definitely dive into these enchiladas and karate, I mean kimchi chop this Wednesday.

Kimchi Pork Enchiladas with Queso Fresco

“In conclusion, our Kimchi Pork Enchiladas with Queso Fresco redefine traditional flavors. The bold blend of kimchi-infused pork and creamy queso fresco creates a harmonious finale, delivering a culinary journey worth savoring.”