This was the fastest month by far. 

I think a lot had to do with summer travel, keeping up with her physically, and getting ready to celebrate her first birthday. Which is weird to think we will have a toddler soon!! 

Anyway, let’s dive in to see what happened last month! 

Changes with Charlie…..

Homegirl is on the move! Not only is she crawling all over the place, but she now does stairs. And damn, she is quick too! 

Snacks! Snacks. Snacks! With her teeth coming in HAWT I’ve been giving her a ton of teething snacks like these Trader Joes peas and Happy Baby Teethers. She loves the pea and banana flavored ones! 

We are trying pouches and seeing how that goes. I feel better that she is eating Greek yogurt and getting some protein, etc. However, I am trying to stand my ground on not offering it as a meal time option. BUT! We will see!

Over Labor Day weekend we went up to the mountains with our friends. This was the first time she hiked in an actual hiking backpack. I loved that there was a canopy option to keep the sun off her face because she will not keep anything on her head. Anyway, she loved the backpack and even fell asleep on the way back down. The backpack was gifted to us by Bret’s family, but here is a similar one at REI that would work! 

Besides her first time hiking we had our first experience with constipation. OH BOY! Thanks to all of you for your help and insight. We were able to get a good poop out of her with some Wellements and a bit of prune juice. Also, in case other mamas out there need some other ways to help keep their babe regular….here is what y’all recommended: 

– any food that starts with a P -> prune, pear, pumpkin, pea, etc. 

– apple juice

– blackberries

– teaspoon of karo mixed with water

– miralax

– water!! 

Once we got the constipation under control we were back on a normal schedule which included more family outings to the park and a surprise visit to Dad at work! 

We celebrated our first Wildcat Saturday of 2020. Managed to keep a bow on her for about 2.2 seconds. 

I think the biggest joy of month eleven was taking Charlie to the zoo! This was her first time and needless to say my expectations were low. BUT! She loved it. I highly recommend using a baby carrier instead of putting your kid in a stroller if they are young enough. They can see better and it’s way more interactive! 

Where do you get her pajamas?

I get this question a lot on Instagram. My mother-in-law gets Charlie all her pajamas from Hanna Anderson. Seriously, they have the best stuff. Holds up well with crawling, washing, and pooping. Plus, their patterns are super cute. 

Morning, Afternoon, & Evening Walks.

I’ve also got a lot of questions about why I do this. I’m a big believer that we all have to connect with nature every day. Whether sitting outside in the sun, going for a walk, hiking, biking, etc. Whatever it is, I think being outside calms and rejuvenates us. Same goes for babies. If I walk with Charlie outside for 20 minutes she is a much happier baby then sitting in a room full of toys and me having to entertain her. Plus, our kids need to be introduced to the world, plants, sounds, and smells. BUT! The biggest thing for me is it’s keep my sanity and boosts my mental health. 

How do I feel about having a one year old soon?

I thought I would be more sad about her growing up. Honestly, I’m just so happy to see all of her changes and her enjoying life. She is an amazing little girl and I can’t wait to experience more of life with her! 

Birthday details? 

Next post! Sorry I’m a little behind, but I’ll share links to everything I did. Promise!