I’m a little late to this month ten recap. 

With two big summer trips back-to-back I didn’t have a chance to gather my thoughts. Plus, Charlie has been keeping us busy. Homegirl is full steam ahead. When they say parenting is a young man’s or woman’s game they aren’t kidding. 

Charlie definitely kept us on our toes this past month. She is growing and changing so fast that I keep telling myself to slow down and enjoy these last two months of her being a baby-baby. 

Anyway, let’s dive in to see what Charlie has been up to in month ten! 

Changes with Charlie……

We’ve gone from crawling to standing/climbing in just a few weeks. I thought we would have some time once she became mobile before she started getting into everything…..um, nope. 

Charlie now climbs on anything in front of her, pulls herself up, reaches for all the objects, and then proceeds to pull everything out. My OCD nature wants to scream at all the messes, but she is getting so strong and coordinated. When can you teach a kid to pick up after themselves? Asking for a friend. 

Besides her moving and grooving, Charlie spent a lot of time in the mountains this month. Both sets of families came to visit. Charlie got to play with her cousins, ride a train, and hike! I forget how social Charlie is around other people. I definitely need to find a play group for her soon! 

Charlie is still eating pretty good. Right now she loves roasted chicken and turkey, eggs, CHEESE, Greek yogurt, and anything tomato based. I’ve noticed her starting to spit stuff out which gave me pause. I did some reading and babies are still learning how to chew and swallow using their back jaws. Well, until they master that tongue and back jaw movement they spit stuff out. Not going to lie it’s annoying, but I’m hoping it will go away soon. 

Homegirl loves the dirt. Anytime I can set her outside she wants to dig, lick, and eat all the dirt. My mom says it’s good for her immunity, but I’m over here thinking….I’ve got give this chick another bath! Ugh. 

Charlie is also in the stage of loving books. Every time I reach for a book she does instant jazz hands. We’ve been reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear a lot lately. OH! And the a zoo book…can’t remember the name, but she giggles all the time at the frog and snake.

Charlie did graduate from her infant car seat to a convertible. We ended up going with the Nuna because Nordstrom was having a sale and the reviews were amazing! 

How’s teething going?

UGH!!! It’s the worst. The week we got back from the last family trip Charlie started cutting four teeth. I’ve never seen her more unhappy, snotty, and just generally miserable. I felt terrible for her. Teething is a cruel joke from Mother Nature. Thanks GOD for infant motrin! 

Summer Loving……

I wish we had a chance to play in her baby pool more this summer. Charlie loves water! Plus, she always looks cute in a pink swimsuit! 

We also went on a bunch of family bike rides to the park. Our friends graciously gifted us their Burley that you hitch on the back of your bike. Charlie loves going for a cruise! Side note: we do make her wear an infant helmet while she is strapped into the carrier. We found a helmet at Target because all the bike stores were sold out! 

Keeping her occupied……

Has been quite the challenge since she is a mobile sponge. It’s a good thing, but dang it’s hard when you need to finish wiping a scrambled egg off the floor. LOL. So I have a few things I’ve been doing to help get her entertained and give myself sanity: 

stacking cups: I scatter these around the house just a few here and there and fill them with objects. This keeps her entertained log enough to complete a simple task. 

– fill a small plastic container with toys and water to let her splash around. I got this idea from Busy Toddlers

– put toilet paper rolls randomly around the house to to keep her contained for minute. Don’t worry, I’ve got my back up COVID supply just in case.

How is mom life going? 

I’d be lying if I didn’t say it wasn’t a struggle. I miss being an individual that can do whatever I need to do and no one wants anything from me. Plus, I have a hard time turning off my business brain especially during the work week. The guilt I feel all time is crazy because I feel guilty not working and then guilty not paying attention to my beautiful daughter. I know it’s only going to get harder because she will need more attention to keep her occupied. Next year, I know we are going to have to look at a part-time nanny for sure to keep me sane. Any advice from mamas other there let me know! 

First Word yet?

We think it’s dog. She looks at Juniper, points, and says..”DAAA-GA.”  She also said, “HI” to Bret while we were in bed the other day, but hasn’t said it again. So I think dog is definitely her first word. 

Best news???!!

I found her first birthday outfit and it’s so stinking cute!!! More to come on her first birthday plans!