This morning we awoke to more snow!

I am not complaining by any means because a snowy haze is perfect for when you have a hangover. It gives you the excuse to marinate on the couch, eat greasy food and watch endless hours of #GoldRush.

Last night our Denver village got together to celebrate the first annual “Limo and Lights.” What started out as Groupon holiday special touring Denver Christmas lights turned into a seafood dinner for ten followed by an Esclade limo booze tour.

I probably should start from the beginning…

We all met up at Jax’s for cocktails, appetizers and dinner.

Jax’s is right down the street from our place and have a killer happy hour. We ordered oysters, calamari, gumbo fries, and shrimp egg rolls. Plus, I may have found a new favorite cocktail: cucumber press vodka. 
Then it was on to the main event….seafood delight!
Crab legs, shrimp, mussels, lobster tails, and more oysters! 
You can imagine how many times we sang “Under the Sea” while we played with our food. 

Of course, there’s no better way to wash down all of that seafood than with dessert.
Hello, warm bread pudding and decadent chocolate brownie! 

After Jax’s we walked a block to Union Station to get into our Esclade limo! 
Oh yes, we were those a-holes! AC thought it was a brilliant idea because if you’re going to see the lights, you might as well see them in style. 

I hadn’t been inside a stretch limo since our wedding day. Limos have greatly improved since 2007, or I really don’t get out that much? 
Anyways, inside the limo was crazy town. Strobe lights, a glowing floor… was a bar on wheels for sure. 

We started with champagne and beer. 
Our first, and only stop for Christmas lights was at this house. Wouldn’t you hate to be their neighbor? Geesh. 
Cook thought it would be funny to dance with Santa on their porch. 
Then Mr. B and Kevin thought it would be fun to “Tebow” the house. 
The shenanigans in the limo continued.
More champagne.
More beer. 
More dance parties to Christmas songs. 

We made a quick pit stop at Champs for a restroom break, while the boys took yager bombs. Gross. Katie and I decided to head back to the limo since we didn’t have our I.D.’s.  Why are people paying for drinks when we have four bottles of champagne and a thirty pack of PBR in the limo? Duh. 
Katie knew what was up. 
After we left Champs, things got a little fuzzy. I know we stopped and picked up a few random people, and then ended up at Ogden Street South for karaoke. 
Mr. B and I didn’t end up going into the bar, instead we headed home and somehow I ended up directing a limo through downtown traffic. Have you ever seen a stretch limo cross three lanes of traffic? It was rather funny.
I think Limo and Lights will become a new holiday tradition with the #Denvervillage. Next year, we will need to make sure to actually look at the lights. 
Now it’s time to cheer on the Kitties! 
Have a good rest of the day!