Indulge in culinary delight with Open Faced Beef Stroganoff Meatball Sandwiches. This fusion of comfort food and gourmet flair promises a savory symphony of flavors. Elevate your sandwich game with tender meatballs bathed in rich stroganoff sauce, atop a slice of crusty bread.

open-faced beef stroganoff meatball sandwiches

If my meatball had a first name, it would be Chris.

Chris Hemsworth that is.

GAH! Is he not the hottest thing ever? I am getting verklempt just thinking about him. Over the holiday, we watched Thor and I’m pretty sure I drooled through the entire movie. Also, if you haven’t read his GQ article, you will swoon like 4,397 times because he’s Mr. All-American even though he’s Australian.

open-faced beef stroganoff meatball sandwiches

He grew up in the Australian outback, his mom is a teacher and father a social worker. He is married with three kids and is totally hands on…as in changing poopy diapers! So, I may get a few stink-eyes for this, but I think he totally blows Ryan Gosling out of the water! GASP.

Thoughts? Actually, you may have more thoughts on his brother Liam Hemsworth because of the past whole Miley Cyrus situation. Hmmmmmm….how can someone so cute date someone with so much cray? Life is a giant mystery.


However, one thing that is not a Scooby Doo mystery, these beef stroganoff meatballs! You guys. Baked meatballs are where it’s at. These little fellows are packed with beef, breadcrumbs, milk, onion, and the piece de resistance, Worcestershire sauce just like mom used to make. All you have to do is bake the meatballs, make the sauce, slap the sandwich together, and volia! Beef Stroganoff for your grill.

Chris Hemsworth would totally approve. Swoon.

open-faced beef stroganoff meatball sandwiches

Conclusion: In conclusion, Open Faced Beef Stroganoff Meatball Sandwiches redefine the notion of a satisfying meal. With each bite, experience the harmonious blend of hearty beef, creamy sauce, and toasted bread. Elevate your dining experience and tantalize your taste buds with this delectable culinary creation.