I’m back! 

With another pregnancy recap. In case you missed it, I’ve shared two super fun recaps that you should definitely check out: HERE & HERE.

I keep saying this to myself, but time is zooming by. I love writing these recaps because some day Baby G will look back and be able to recount what life was like before he/she arrived. BUT! On the other hand, as soon as I finish one of these recaps I realize time is ticking away! 

Anyway, here is a look back at my fifth month. As always, I put a few of my favorite links for maternity and nursery items below in case you want to check them out! 

Pregnancy Recap of Weeks: 19, 20, 21, 22

Week 19: The baby was the size of a mango.

Symptoms: Boobs grew again! (HOW?!!) Sleeping on my side is still giving me some issues, but that could be because we had to move to a queen since our master bedroom/bathroom is under construction. I had to give up the Snoogle for a bit because it took up too much real estate so I’m back to finding a smaller preggo pillow. 

The start of Week 19 was a little crazy. I was traveling to Texas for the week for work and was a little nervous because it was my first “work” trip while being pregnant. Besides being worried about keeping up with the busy pace, I was concerned about staying hydrated and being on my feet all day. Plus, this may sound so weird, but being away from Mr. B had me feeling rather anxious. Like in some biological mindset I was leaving my protector and felt vulnerable. Is that weird? Anyway, I was a mix of emotions during that week. BUT! I managed to get along just fine and the folks I was traveling with were very nice and supportive. The only thing that happened during that week was when I arrived home and my ankles had swollen! I looked liked I was sporting two tree trunks! 

Also, going into the weekend was super special not only because of Mother’s Day, but I felt the baby move for the first time. It took me a second to realize what had just happened. As soon as I saw Mr.B I looked at him and said, “Babe, I think I just felt the baby move.” He was freaking so excited and asked what it felt like. I said, kind of like a ship swaying in the ocean. We both just marveled at the situation for a moment. Life is just full of beautiful moments. 

Week 20: The baby was the size of a banana.

Symptoms: I felt bigger, yes, in the stomach, but more heavy in terms of blood flowing through my veins. I swear, the volume of blood increased by a couple of buckets at least. Also, still working on the sleep situation. No new news to report. 

The start of Week 20 was so surreal! HALFWAY!!! From an emotional standpoint, this was a huge victory. Is that the right word? If I was running a marathon I would be pumped and in a way it does feel like I’m running a slow and steady race. Anyway, besides getting bigger (definitely sporting all things maternity right now), I feel amazing. Still doing Orange Theory although the rower and Baby G might end their relationship soon. 

We also had our 20 week prenatal appointment. Since we are definitely not finding out the gender until he or she is born, the appointment went rather quickly. Heartbeat, check. Feeling okay, check. Looking pediatricians, check! Pretty straightforward and very blessed we have had a healthy pregnancy so far! 

Week 21: The baby was the size of an endive! 

Symptoms: No new symptoms to report other than trying to get comfortable while sleeping. Still searching for that smaller preggo pillow! 

The start of Week 21 was pretty average. Baby G has definitely started doing more baby aerobics. I feel him or her in the morning and evening when I’m not running around. Just little jabs here and there, but such a wonderful feeling. 

We also had another sonogram appointment to check baby G’s heart. The last sonogram appointment Baby G was curled up and the doc couldn’t get a good look at his or her heart. Well, the followup went very well. The heart looks strong and the aorta is pumping. Also, I love getting new profile pic updates of the baby. He or she is officially one pound! 

With summer in five minutes, I decided I needed some updated maternity workout clothes and dresses. I ordered a bunch of tops from Gap Body to get me through my workout routines this summer. BUT!  A new find were these dresses from Pink Blush. I’m always skeptical about ordering clothes online, but these maternity dresses are super cute. Very excited to sport these around all summer! 

We had our first pediatrician interview which was interesting. You never know what to expect when arriving to these situations. Since it’s a popular practice in our area it was an open house and unfortunately, I was late. Needless to say, I walked in right the middle of the doctor talking, and everyone was staring at me. Ooops! Welcome to parenting folks. Nothing is ever perfect! Anyway, I really liked the practice. They keep it small, which means the patient-to-doctor ratio is smaller, and more hands on. Newborns get their own wing to keep illness at bay. I feel good about this practice and doctor in particular.

Week 22nd: The baby was the size of a coconut! 

Symptoms: Belly keeps growing! I’m not sure that is a symptom, but I love feeling the baby kick and watching Mr. B talk to him/her. Is nesting a symptom because we are in it to win it! 

The start of Week 22 was a little crazy with the Memorial holiday weekend. I think I’ve come to the realization that my body just can’t go 900 mph like I used to. And that’s okay. Maybe this is mental preparation as well because once we have this baby we are headed into first gear! 

I did have my first “how far along are you?” from a stranger at the grocery store. This sounds crazy, but I didn’t realize I “looked” preggo until that moment. When I got home I told Mr. B and he was like, “Babe, yeah, you have a bump. But! You look good with a bump.” He’s the best. 

I’ve been busy hunting and gathering for the nursery. Finally figured out the closet situation. It’s an odd shape with no door so my plan is to do an industrial pipe shelf, coat hooks and a bookshelf. Fingers crossed it comes together! 

What’ I’m loving now for maternity and nursery:

– Gap Fit Maternity: Over Memorial weekend I took advantage of Gap’s huge sale and bought some workout clothes. BEST DECISION EVER. I snagged a bunch of tops like: this side tie, basic v-neck tee, zip-up hoodie, and a few long-sleeve shirts
Pink Blush Maternity: like I mentioned above I was scared to buy dresses over the Internet, but their prices are on point. Everything fit perfectly! Highly recommend this dress. 
– Nordstrom maternity swimsuit:  I recently purchased a new polka-dot swimsuit from Nordies because my prior one did not fit at all. This one actually has boob support and covers the bump perfectly! 
– Tokkio_Goods Baby Journal: I debated whether to do a baby book for Baby G because a) time and b) all the ones I looked at were very silly looking. I wanted something simple, clean and classic. These are handmade by a family in California and the book lays flat and has recycled paper. It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to write all the fun stuff inside for Baby G. 
– Baby Gap Camel Moccasins: Believe it or not trying to find baby moccasins was tough! I have a certain look in mind that I want Baby G to wear home from the hospital. I about gave up until I found these cute gems!