Welcome to a culinary adventure with our Thai-Glazed Skillet Corn featuring the richness of cotija cheese. This side dish harmoniously balances sweet and spicy flavors, creating a delightful experience that elevates your dining journey. Indulge in the perfect blend of Thai-inspired glaze and the savory essence of cotija cheese, making every bite a savory delight.

thai-glazed skillet corn with cotija cheese www.climbinggriermountain.com III

Well, here we are – right in the middle of no man’s land.

This is the time of year when summer and fall purists battle it out. The bounty of summer produce is still piling up, but with cooler temperatures and leaves starting to turn, it’s hard not to believe fall hasn’t arrived. That, and Pinterest has been taken over with 4,256 versions of pumpkin bars and bread.

thai-glazed skillet corn

Rather than get my unmentionables in a twist on which side to chose, I’m going Swiss neutral. Because maybe I want to have another weekend full of caprese salad, skewers, burgers, tater tots, and pizza. And then the next weekend, maybe I want to whip up a few dozen of my famous chocolate chip pumpkin muffins. without getting the green stink-eye from my garden. Ya feel, me?

thai chiles

Well, today’s “no-man’s land” du jour is something that I can’t get enough of. As in, I will be making this dish into the blistering cold winter months using frozen corn, naturally. With fresh corn still in season, I wanted to highlight this summer veggie-carb with a little sass. So I added pumpkin! Just kidding. Maybe.

Even though, pumpkin is technically in season, I stuck with the usual summer suspects – grape tomatoes, Thai chilies, peppers, and limes. Mix these fellows along with grilled corn and a brown sugar-soy glaze, it will make summer and fall purists…ooooooohhhhhh and aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

thai-glazed skillet corn with cotija cheese www.climbinggriermountain.com

Seasonal Eating Series:


My talented and fantastic friend, Becky, author of The Vintage Mixer, and her husband Josh, are showing us that eating seasonally can be fun! Each month they will provide a Seasonal Produce Guide, which you can save on your iPhone or desktop so you can get in the seasonal eating spirit.

Not only do they provide a beautiful illustration each month like the one above, you can also join me and a few fabulous food bloggers who are serving up seasonally inspired recipes. Follow us on Instagram and tag your photos with the #eatseasonal hashtag!

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In conclusion, our Thai-Glazed Skillet Corn with Cotija Cheese is a flavorful journey. The perfect blend of sweetness, spice, and richness creates a side dish that elevates every meal. Indulge in the delicious conclusion to a culinary adventure.