“Transform your Thanksgiving feast with our innovative Thanksgiving Tater Tots, generously drenched in flavorful Dijon Gravy. This delightful twist on tradition promises to elevate your holiday dining experience with each crispy and savory bite.”

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Sometimes things are missing.

Not in a lose-your-car-keys kind of missing, but more of, maybe they-should-have-included-that type of missing. For instance, instead of saying Forever 21, maybe the store should read: Forever ‘Under’ 21. I’ve seen a few ladies my age strolling around in Miley Cyrus attire and it just ain’t working, honey. Twerk elsewhere.

So, besides classy fashion sense, which in a few ladies seems to be missing, Thanksgiving dinner also seems to be missing a classy dish. Okay, can I just say for the record that the Thanksgiving dinner held somewhere between Pilgrims’ Place and Wig-Wam Town must have been a bit awkward. You have some people clothed and some people not-so-fully clothed.  Do you think the conversation started with, “Hey, nice pecs!  Do you do crossfit?

Shoot. All this pec talk and I forgot what I was talking about. Oh, yes, the missing dish!

Besides turkey, green beans, potatoes, and pie, I really think tater tots were missing from the original Thanksgiving feast. I mean, who wouldn’t want to celebrate the getting along of two cultures over some golden, delicious tots? But not just any tots. These beauties are baked with gooey cheese and topped with turkey, carrots, and celery. And then drizzled with finger licking good Dijon gravy.

Move over cornucopia, it’s a “Tots-Giving” world now.

“Conclude your Thanksgiving celebration with the unique indulgence of Thanksgiving Tater Tots and Dijon Gravy. It’s a flavorful twist that leaves your palate satisfied and your holiday feast truly memorable.”