“Indulge in the delightful flavors of ‘The Midnight Giggle’ with toasted coconut. This sweet treat is sure to bring joy to your taste buds.”

the midnight giggle with toasted coconut

Happy (almost) New Year!

Can you believe it?

I honestly feel this year has been a complete blur. One minute I’m snow- skiing in Deer Valley with an Olympian. The next, I am in Southern California sipping wine and attending The Big Traveling Potluck. Only to be followed by a trip to Miami for BlogHer Food, more skiing in Steamboat Springs, marinating at Table Rock Lake, and jet setting to Biarritz, France! I would say our trip to Europe was definitely the icing on the cake for 2014, but let’s not forget about yours truly squeezing a cows udder for the first time! Holla.

Even though 2014 was bonkers, I am looking forward to a new start. And with any new start come a few resolutions or goals. Things are going to be a little different for Climbing Grier Mountain in 2015. Here is what I am preposing:

1) Incorporate more lifestyle posts! What does that mean? More travel, fashion, Denver scene situation kind of things.

2) Make food blogger recipes. YES!! Food bloggers work so hard (said in a Jimmy Fallon “so hard” voice) at creating these wonderful recipes that I would actually like to make more of them. I’m still working out on how I would showcase these recipes. Any suggestions welcomed!

3) Weekly series. I want you to get to know me and vice versa on a grill to grill level. I was thinking of doing a Do’s and Don’ts or Must Makes & Haves series. Or, a Bits & Bobs section.

4) Video. Speaking of grill, would you want to see it in action? Okay, not of me eating because that’s major grosstown. But more of, let’s cook and chat real life video style.

5) Tater Tot Cookbook or eBook. A girl can dream right?

the midnight giggle with toasted coconut

Now, you can’t ring in the new year without a little giggle juice, am I right? There is a problem though. I get the “sleeps” around 10pm. I swear I’m eight-seven years-old sometimes. So to give myself a fighting chance to reach midnight, I made a cocktail that will let me keep my buzz. I give you, The Midnight Giggle. Milk, vodka, coffee liqueur, and brown sugar simple syrup shaken up and served with a toasted coconut rim. You’ll sip right into 2015.

Happy (almost) New Year, my friends! Cheers.

the midnight giggle with toasted coconut

Conclusion: “Savor the deliciousness of ‘The Midnight Giggle’ with toasted coconut, ending your day on a delightful note.”