The Ultimate Dark Chocolate Tasting Party is a fun and easy way to entertain! Mix and match Lindt EXCELLENCE high cocoa bars with different varietals of wine and become an expert taster using all five of your senses!  

The Ultimate Dark Chocolate Tasting Party

Sometimes, all you need in life are good tunes, patio seating surrounded by your best gaggle of girls, a bottle of wine, and endless amounts of dark chocolate.

But the best, best part?

Having all of those things right in the comfort of your own home. I am a firm believer that hosting family and friends creates an opportunity to connect more. People are generally more comfortable which means you will see their most authentic selves. And isn’t that what we all want? A true moment of connection.

The Ultimate Dark Chocolate Tasting Party

With summer upon us, I decided I needed to reconnect with some of my best girlfriends, and what better way to reconnect than by hosting a Dark Chocolate Tasting Party? But! This is not your average tasting party. I wanted to use the best chocolate a girl could get her hands on which is why I decided to use Lindt EXCELLENCE high cocoa bars.

I selected four high cocoa bars – 70%, 78%, 85%, and 90% to pair with four varietals of wine. To make things a little more interactive, I set out a Complete Guide to Dark Chocolate Tasting for each of my guests. Inside the Complete Guide are four high cocoa bars, a step-by-step list on ‘how to taste like an expert’ using their five senses, and a notes section to write down their thoughts on the pairings!

Once I got everything setup we were ready to taste! Below is the list of each chocolate we tasted and what we looked for using our five senses.

First up, Lindt EXCELLENCE 70%. This cocoa bar is what a lot of us will reach for when it comes to indulging in dark chocolate. The 70% comes in a warm brown color, has a smooth and silky surface, hints of vanilla are detected when smelling, and has subtle tastes of lush berries combined with hints of cocoa. This high cocoa bar pairs great with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Second, Lindt EXCELLENCE 78%. This cocoa bar is a new addition to the Lindt family. A step above the 70%, the 78% will take a dark chocolate lover to a whole new chocolate tasting ball game. The 78% is darker in color with a smooth silky surface. You’ll catch a whiff of red fruit, tobacco, and leather when held up to the nose. When sampled the taste begins with a thread of acidity and evolves into balanced notes of cocoa with a silky mouth feel. This high cocoa bar pairs well with a Pinot Noir.

The Ultimate Dark Chocolate Tasting Party

Third, Lindt EXCELLENCE 85%. This cocoa bar is where you start to push the envelope when it comes to your dark chocolate tastebuds. The 85% comes in a deep brown color and like 70%, 78% this bar has a smooth and silky surface, when ready to eat you’ll hear a clean, crisp snap. The smell of this cocoa bar you’ll notice a roasted, coffee/woody aroma which you’ll also find in the taste – woody, citrus flavor with notes of herbs and red berries. This high cocoa bar pairs well with Zinfandel.

Lastly, Lindt EXCELLENCE 90%. This cocoa bar is the most intense when it comes to dark chocolate. The 90% comes in a deep ebony color, smooth and silky to the touch, clean, crisp sound when breaking off a piece, and the smell of earthy, dried leaves, and liquorice will leave you wanting more. The taste matches the color of earthy, smooth and rich with notes of vanilla, espresso, and toasted nuts. This high cocoa bar pairs beautifully with a Meritage.

The Ultimate Dark Chocolate Tasting Party

So, have we convinced you to host your own Ultimate Dark Chocolate Tasting Party? I hope so! Make sure to check all the flavors of Lindt EXCELLENCE bars particularly the 78%. We want to make sure it gets a warm welcome to the Lindt family.

Also, you can purchase Lindt Chocolate in your favorite retailer, in a Lindt Chocolate Shop near you or online at!


The Ultimate Dark Chocolate Tasting Party

***This post is in partnership with Lindt. As always all opinions expressed are 100% my own.***

In conclusion, the ultimate dark chocolate-tasting party is a decadent journey through rich and diverse flavors. It’s a delightful experience for chocolate connoisseurs, a perfect way to savor the finest cocoa creations.