Easy Valentine’s Day Recipes to Make at Home are a collection of simple and delicious recipes to make in your kitchen with someone you love! From cozy breakfasts in bed to scrumptious dinners to indulgent desserts. This round-up of recipes will make anyone want to be your Valentine!

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be complicated.

I’m a big believer in doing what makes you feel good on February 14th. Whether that’s through a warm bubble bath, sipping a glass of your favorite pinot noir, giving your dog a homemade Valentine Day cookie, ordering a cheese pizza for dinner, or making a Valentine’s Day box with your kid. 

Valentine’s Day is about showing anyone (including yourself) that they are loved. For me, the best way to show someone I care is by making a huge spread. Which is why I pulled all these delicious, mouth watering recipes that will make your heart jump for joy.

Anyway, take a look around, get inspired, and show someone you care with a festive dinner or decadent dessert!

Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipes:

Sparkling Pink Limeade with Champagne Cotton Candy

Valentine’s Day Appetizer Recipes:

Lamb Lasagna Crostini

Valentine’s Day Side Dish Recipes:

Easy Asparagus Carbonara

Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes:

Lamb Wellington

Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes:

Roasted Strawberry Ricotta Cake