45 Popular Recipes to Cook in February is a collection of healthy, seasonal recipes from cozy breakfast meals to winter libations to cauliflower & sweet potato themed dishes to date night in decadent dinners. This round-up is chock-full of delicious recipes that are perfect to make all February!


Hey, hey, February.

You are my favorite.

Not only is it my birthday month, but it’s also the month of LOVE and getting back to real food. And by real food I mean all the Super Bowl snacks, and more snacks!

Well, below is a collection of delicious, seasonal recipes that are sure to capture anyone’s heart. We’ve got cozy breakfasts to Super Bowl snacks to dinners for two to all things heart-shaped. 

Anyway, I hope you find something that you love. If you happen to make any of these recipes make sure to let me know! I really enjoy hearing from you!

What’s In Season in February:

  • Citrus fruits: Blood oranges, oranges, Meyer lemons, and more!
  • Winter squash
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cauliflower
  • Kale
  • Sweet Potato
  • Broccoli

If you are looking for a specific ingredient, don’t forget to check out our dedicated ingredients page! Just click on any ingredient you wish to cook and it will pull all of the specific recipes using said ingredients. It’s super cool! Click to find the Recipe Index!


“45 Popular February Recipes”

Cozy Breakfast Recipes:

Skillet Huevos Rancheros with Ground Lamb

Winter Cocktail Recipes:

Blood Orange Whiskey Negroni

Cauliflower Recipes:

Za'atar Baked Cauliflower Nuggets
45 Popular Recipes to Cook in February

“45 Recipes to Cook in February”

Sweet Potato Recipes:

Toasted Sesame Chickpea Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Ginger Tahini
45 Popular Recipes to Cook in February

Super Bowl Snack Recipes:

Easy French Dip Pinwheels
45 Popular Recipes to Cook in February

“Explore 45 February Recipes to Cook”

Dinner for Two Recipes:

Jalapeno-Marinated Grilled Pork Chops
45 Popular Recipes to Cook in February

“Explore 45 Popular Recipes to Cook in February: Elevate your dining experience with cozy winter dishes and romantic Valentine’s Day creations. Enjoy this flavorful journey in February!”